Getting Started in Voiceover...

What is a Voiceover?:

The Ultimate question I asked myself and others ask after telling them I'm starting a business doing Voiceovers ?....What are "Voiceovers", never heard of that?...... Right, Why would you. That's a job or career? Do people make money doing that?

All great questions! I know what you're thinking, that could be a problem. The general consumer. Joe/Jill consumer, going about their daily lives has no idea about this "so-called" career you want to do.

Surprise!... I don't have to explain, teach, show the general consumer what "Voiceover" is. That's kind of the point in this medium of marketing. We all consume the information Voiceovers provide .

All day, all night in every medium we consume that provides "audio" , we are consuming Voiceovers.

Most of the time, that's the point. Provide information on a product or services of every imaginable category of consumables......We take in the Voiceover information unknowingly and file it away until we are shopping online, going to the grocery store, watching videos on You Tube , Tik Tok or your favorite social platform at the moment. Catch phrases, jingles, "One Liners"... etc..... that we use daily in interactions or sing and hum around the house and office.

" Who Loves ya Baby"

.. You got it....probably heard it on a "Voiceover"! Think about it for the rest of day...

Weekend...Google it...maybe research it at the Library...remember them?

Get back to me and share some of your favorites! #whatsavoiceover

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