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It's "Your" job!

Afternoon everyone..Long time no see!

So I have an interesting story from a conversation I overheard while waiting to get my 2nd Covid Booster at my local grocery store pharmacy...So, I'm patiently waiting for a pharmacist who is very busy during a lunchtime rush ( Bad timing on my part). This elderly lady using a powered grocery cart comes up to the pharmacy counter and is loudly asking a question about shampoo..The pharmacist is a bit short with the customer and says..."That's not my job!".....Hmmm..made me think . She's in customer service, this lady is a customer. I get it, she was very busy. Helping people is what Pharmacists do..I wasn't mad at the pharmacist, rather disappointed in her care of this customer or patient..

Moral of the story if you're a Voice Artist, Actor, mechanic, janitor, Firefighter, Police Officer or pharmacist..ultimately we are all in Customer Service! Especially if you're an Entrepreneur ! Every job is your job..the Customer is Always right..

"It's your job!

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