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Happy August 3rd from DanielPerryVoiceovers....I've continued to one busy working on my website design, demos and most everyone else in the Voiceover business. Before we get started, I wanted to give a shout out to Sandy Thomas from and Paul Schmidt from for their continued support and insights that have helped me immensely and can help you to..check them out!

So todays topic of Professional Voiceover Gear & Hardware seems like an easy and inexpensive topic to cover right? WRONG!!! If you're anything like me starting out. You probably scoured the internet and YouTube trying to find quick and inexpensive ideas to get your VO business up and running and start making hundreds of thousands of dollars as a "Professional" voiceover actor. Sound Familiar....There is no shortage of people peddling a bunch of "you know what" on fast and easy side-gigging strategies to make Big Money on Voiceover. Everything from just using your smartphone to make a recording to send to clients and agents to sign up here for my "Quick & Easy" techniques to make Big Bucks!

Like I said earlier...if you're anything like me you probably went down that rabbit hole to see if you could find any truth! Pretty dark down in that hole..isn't it? Thats because it's a bunch of BS! I'm not sure if you caught that earlier, but I said "Professional" ! So, for you and me as business people that means we are spending thousands of dollars in setting up are business in our local , state and/or countries, getting training, buying expensive microphones, interfaces, computers, headphones, soundproof recording studios. Getting our websites up and running, marketing, joining "Professional" websites and Pay to Play websites. All to help generate business and build relationships . Wow...right!

That seems like a whole lot to do and buy...Not Cheap and Easy at ALL!

So for me...after all of this I finally had a Epiphany. Agreeably , it took some time.

I'm always researching, networking, looking & watching other "professionals" on LinkedIn, YouTube, and their particular websites. Aha!.. Eureka! It's right there..right in front of me..why didn't I see it? All these "Professionals" that I've been following like Sandy Thomas, Paul Schmidt, Mark Rider, Christian Lanz, Bill Dewees and many others have a piece equipment that sets them apart.

After seeing pics of their home studios it occurred to me that their "Home Studio" is designed like a "Professional " studio. Just like the "Professional" brick and mortar studios they used to work in.

Equipment like...professional microphones, mixers, equalizers, compressors, amps and the "AHA" piece of equipment "PRE-AMPS" . Excuse said what? Nobody told me I needed all this expensive equipment and a PRE-AMP!

I've invested thousands into all this other equipment and had so-so results...Could it be me? Maybe..probably, but the epiphany for me wasn't just that I had missed this piece of expensive equipment to "run with the big dogs" of Voiceover. To have that "winning" sound that gets me auditions and clients like the Voiceover Artists I mentioned, you need a "PROFESSIONAL" studio and "PROFESSIONAL" skills.

Way back in the day (Prior to COVID)... you had to go to a brick and mortar "Professional" studio or invest in a home "Professional" studio with all the expensive equipment that will help you compete for years to come.

Good Luck to ya out there! Send me your thoughts and comments..

BTW..sorry for the long post/rant!

Love ya!

Daniel Perry

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