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Remember..You're an Entrepreneur

I know...myself I get caught up in auditioning, posting on Social Media, Marketing, VO training, working on my website. All the "Details" that you feel you have to do to compete in today's job market as a Freelancer. It's tough!!

You can do this..listen and watch what your customers and peers are doing in their businesses, but ..remember you are marketing/selling "YOU" and your Talents/Skills. Nobody , I mean nobody can tell "Your" story like you! There are many businesses that you can pay to market your business and many of them do a great job.

Remember ...if you're using a marketing company to get your "message" out there...they are using many of the same techniques to market your business as your competitors ..not necessarily a bad thing, but how do "You" stand apart in a very crowded market?


Have a GREAT Weekend!

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