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Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Happy Monday! After a brief hiatus while working on my studio I'm back and happy to report that my studio just perfectly set up for Voiceovers and music recordings. I'm pretty picky, so I needed it just right before showing it off to the world.

This weeks blog's content is about the need for a Voiceover Coach. Here's some points and ideas that I've found along the way:

  1. Do I need a Coach and why?

  2. How is a Coach going to help me progress?

  3. What to look for in a Coach?

  4. How much is this going to cost me?

* The first questions answer was an easy one for me. YES!...we all need coaching for detailed info regarding scripts, content, auditioning, styles , marketing, business tips etc..

* The 2nd Answer is easy too! An experienced Coach is going to be a mentor, friend, critic. All the details you don't know and need can be found in a "Good" Coach.

*The 3rd answer is complex...sorry but it depends on your goals, desires and your personality. I know, that's a lot to figure out. The upside is that I believe every bit of information we learn, whether it's perceived as positive or negative can be worthwhile for your progression. Take it all in and decide for yourself .'s your business.. take control of it! Personally , I was looking for someone with experience and a SAG-AFTRA actor and i searched and scoured Linkedin and Google to find me #1 Coach.

#4th answer depends on how much you want to pay and the setting you best learn in. I wanted to stay under $200 for an hour and have "one on one" coaching without distractions from other students. I prefer this learning method, especially when you are spending "Big Bucks"! Utilizing ann experienced SAG-AFTRA actor costs more, but also brings credibility to your process and progression as a Voice Actor. Also, an experienced "connected" coach can bring leads for future clients.

Remember... if you are in this for the long-haul you need to be networking in a smart way that shows that you are respected and professional. A experienced Coach can help do this for you.

Have a great week! If you are looking for Coach with all the attributes I wrote about contact my Coach Sandy Thomas @

Sandy is a very easy guy to connect with and will help you immensely . BTW.. I don't financially benefit by promoting him in any way.

Talk to you soon! Subscribe to my Blog... I'm going to be adding video and audio spots very soon !

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