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Voiceover Training Coaches

Buenos Dias Amigos!!

Since I started up researching and investigating training opportunities in the summer of 2021, I've found a huge diverse amount of assistance from other VO Artists on Social Media and Networking sites. It has been very helpful and

insightful . Being an educator for the Fire Service and Maritime industries I was excited to see the immense amount of educational opportunities.

Like many industries, Voiceover Artists with varying amounts of experience market themselves to teach new and experienced VO artists. Most VO artists I suspect do this to supplement the "slow" times amongst the auditions and marketing you have to do to stay competitive. Perhaps because I'm bias and older, I've found myself very leery of some of the training out there. Because I'm spending more money than making at this point in my budding career, I want to put my money to good use.

I've looked at University and College level accredited formal training, which I'm drawn to. To show, to myself and possible clients that I'm an accomplished professional who can be trusted and relied upon. This is where I've been sidetracked. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic the amount of new VO me, has exploded on the world stage. Because of technology and education, the VO world has found that "In Studio" recording can be done at your home. This is wonderful! Voiceover work has exploded across all platforms.. from radio/TV to the Internet and Social platforms . This means that budding Artists need to be properly trained to supply clients with top notch products.

As I said earlier this sidetracked me.. looking for formal training from a trusted source in a virtual world with little parameters for "trusted" education. Because of my background in Fire Investigations, I tend to be cautiously skeptical and want "proof/evidence" that a Institution or individual that I'm spending my good money on can educate me with learning or certifications that will be needed and wanted by my professional clients in their respective industries.

This is my "Ah Ha moment"! There isn't much...sure there many respected Universities and Colleges that offer formal "Acting and Performance" training, but I need it now. I need to compete, work, pay my bills, mortgage etc. So, now I'm investigating the literal hundreds, maybe thousands of online resources found on the Internet. This is going to take me Forever! I can't do it.. I need someone who I can trust, more importantly, my clients can trust. What do we do? First off, Look for professional accreditation within State and National guidelines.. you know, like you did when you went to College .

This was helpful.. you ask "Why" is this helpful Daniel?

Glad you asked, because it narrows the search down to a smaller amount of educational opportunities to research. I know your next question as well. What's this going to cost me? I don't want to or have that kind of money or time to spend on my new career or "Life's Work"!

This should be your "Ah Ha Moment"... unless you're right out of High School or have been living under a rock. Formal education to become a "Professional"

whatever you want to be is expensive...time consuming... a pain in the butt!

So, what should we do? Well, I've looked for training that has the foundations that I've found at the University level. First off.. the basics is an outline of the training/education they are teaching. Expectations and goals for the training and lastly a syllabus for students and possible future clients to see. Research and ask questions of the Institutions, businesses and Individuals offering training out there. Some businesses offer payment plans for their educational plans too.

Long term, all of us in the Voiceover Industry, have to push for a more universally accepted basic educational standards for the Industry. We have to demand this,

to thrive with more benefits and higher pay standards in line with the SAG-AFTRA Union guidelines.

Hope this helps you out. Please leave me some of your thoughts and comments.

I'll be adding another new topic at the end of the week!

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